Do I need yoga experience to join the retreat?

No, you don’t need any yoga experience. Our teachers will adapt the classes to your individual needs and will give personal guidance. We receive guests with any level ranging from complete beginner to teacher level.

When can I join a retreat?

The retreat centre is always open.  Depending if you wish to join one of our yoga retreats with instruction, we have weekend, week or month long options available. 

What kind of food is served?

We serve healthy, varied, vegetarian and vegan food, using local produce as much as possible. The dishes can also be adopted to meet any dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free, lactose-free etc.  We offer a self serve service/ buffet style. 

Where is the Retreat Center located?

The Anima Mundi Retreat Center is located in the middle of nature in an extremely quiet, relaxing setting surrounded by vineyards and grazing cows, at one hour from Barcelona and less than half an our from the magical mountain of Montserrat. There is a small village at walking distance and a larger village at cycling distance (bikes are available).

How do I reach the Retreat Center?

You can reach the Retreat Center by public transport, by car or we can arrange pickup service for you.

What activities can I do during the retreat?

Our retreats our aimed at relaxation and inner transformation. Therefore the main activities are relaxing, eating healthy food, practicing yoga, meditating.  You may wish to have a nice relaxing massage that we offer, one of our other healing therapies or take care of that yourself and use our spa (hot tub and sauna). In addition, there is ample free time to enjoy some beautiful walking and biking routes. Furthermore, you can choose to go for an optional excursion to the magical mountain of Montserrat.

What kind of yoga are the classes based on?

The yoga classes are based on different styles of yoga, depending on the teachers. Most of the time we offer a mix of styles, including Hatha/ traditional and Flow.  You can also experience Pranayama, mediation and relaxation during the classes. 

Will I have a private bathroom?

Every room has a private, modern, en-suite bathroom that is fully equipped. There are also common bathrooms on the ground floor, where the dining room, yoga hall etc. are.

Is there a garden?

The Can Mussol Anima Mundi Retreat Center takes place in a castle with a small castle garden.  There are some chill out areas and a large patio outside with chairs and sofas for you to relax. Outside the castle garden, we are surrounded by nature, as we are situation in the middle of large grasslands and vineyards.

Is there a swimming pool?

The Retreat Center has a small castle garden where in summer we sometimes mount a small pool for relaxing and refreshing. It’s not for swimming though.

Will I reach my goals?

Your goals and what you wish to achieve during your time with us are personal.  Inner transformation does not appear overnight.  We provide you a safe, relaxing environment to help start your inner transformation with guidance of our teachers and techniques.  It is up to you and your dedication to take the change, and make it active going forward.  We are hear to help you start your journey. 

Is there WiFi?

Yes, we have WiFi at the Retreat Center.

How many people usually join at the same time?

Since the Retreat Center is always open for people to join anytime, we cannot beforehand predict how many people will be there during your retreat. It usually varies from very small groups of 2-3 participants to medium sized groups of up to 10 persons. This means that you will always receive ample personal attention from our teachers. We usually have a small community of around 4 people living there, both teachers and staff, who share the same philosophy. 

Does relaxation and transformation come with any side effects?

Any change can come with side effects. Relaxation after a very intense, stressful period often triggers the body and mind to start a cleaning process. This is healthy and normal!  This sometimes leads to some side effects that you should actually consider as something positive: this means you are recovering your physical and mental strength! 

What is the format of the retreats?

The retreats at Anima Mundi Retreat Center are concentrated around relaxation and transformation through different techniques and therapies. Please check any of our retreats programs here

What should I bring?

You!  With the aim of relaxing, being open to change and focusing on the inner you.  If you can´t bring this in your suitcase, we are here to help you start this journey through our retreat program.  Have positivity – with this we can only start and be open to change in our lives.  Nature will do the rest of the work!  For the physical side, yoga, we advice light, comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.  For the rest of the time, pack appropriately clothes that you can relax in – just remember to be seasonal appropriate – in Spain it is generally very hot in the summer, and some my find it chilly in the winter.