The Personal Touch

Understanding your uniqueness

Each person who chooses to join Can Mussol Anima Mundi Retreats becomes part of a network of people united by similar interests – to do something good to your body and mind in a peaceful and natural place. Each and every person is treated with high importance and it is our first and foremost priority to provide you with a meaningful time. 

All our services are carefully designed for you to feel at ease during your stay. 

We aim to provide you with the best service.  Our groups are small (up to 16) so we can connect on a deeper level. 



Connection with nature!

Our retreat is rural.  Nature is all around us.  You may even hear and see the odd cow whilst you are here.  We believe it is important we strip back what humans have become accustomed to with urban lifestyles and return to the beautiful nature – and connect from where we actually come from.  Spain and our retreat location offers natural beauty, serenity and clean fresh air for breathing in positivity. 

Physical Activities

Boost your energy, strengthen your body and relax your mind

The main objective of our retreat us for you to feel good ‘ body and mind.  

Depending on the retreat you choose, yoga is included.

The original purpose of yoga was spiritual development, training practices to train body and mind, to self observe and become aware of ones own nature.  To develop a higher conscious.  It is a practice people devote their lives too, we cannot expect overnight results.  Yoga’s physical benefits are also outstanding.  Through gentle movement (asanas), the body is strengthened.

If you are a complete beginner or more advanced, we cater for your needs with our experienced and knowledgable teacher.  
We teach our classes in English!

Questions and Doubts

If you have looked through our webpage but need further guidance, advice or would like something in particular – don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Write us an e-mail, call, or schedule a Skype meeting with one of our representatives to get a closer look on our offerings.
We answer calls between 9:00 – 20:00 CET seven days a week.

About Us – The Team

We are a group of passionate vegetarian and vegan therapists who decided to combined our skills and continue to dedicate our lives together making our dream of a retreat centre come alive!  We continue to look for new ways to improve ourselves and develop our passions, to provide our guests with what we love to do best – eat well, practice yoga and meditation along with alternative therapies to make us feel and enjoy a happy life inside and out, deep down within our souls. 

Since January 2017, we started to occupy the Anima Mundi Retreat centre, becoming Can Mussol Anima Mundi.  

The history of the name…..CAN MUSSOL…. is owl in Catalan.  According to the ancestral ideology, an owl is the union of the three world: underworld, visible and celestial world – belonging to the moon, messenger of secrets and omens and the bearer of wisdom, clairvoyance, freedom and change; as well as a state of new consciousness.  The owl is a sacred animal in many cultures, including, Greeks, ancient Egyptian history, Celts and Hindus, west African tribes and Australian Aborigines. 



Our values

Personal development
At Can Mussol Anima Mundi Retreats we are working on our personal development.  We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves to continue to give pleasure and a better service to guests through courses and therapies we can offer at our retreat.  If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our retreats, we would love to hear them as our aim is to make our guests experience as blissful as possible.
Responsible towards environment

We are trying to be the most responsible possible towards the environment applying the following concept at our retreat center and daily life:

  • Recycled interior design

We love recycling!

In order to minimize our ecological footprint, the retreat center has been decorated with recycled materials. Where possible we are happy to give a new life to all these things in our place. 

  • “Zero waste” cooking

Did you know that almost 40% of food produced is wasted? No more waste please.

In our retreat center we apply a system where all products are reused and become resources for others to use. We give food to the earth (compost) or to the cows 🙂  We source our fruit and vegetables locally.  Our eggs are organic and free range. We believe in using good quality produce.

Connecting people

Like minded people equal new friends.  During your time at our retreat, you will experience good conversation, meet new people and perhaps make even life long connections.

Making You Happy
It is as simple as that. We wish that you enjoy your stay with us.  Feel relaxed, refreshed and happy!